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Signing & Banking Equipment

Check Signers
Certex Model 3200 Check Signer.

Automatically Sign Checks With Ease and Security!
Stand Alone and Computer Interface
Control the check signing function of your business by controlling your accounts payable or payroll program.
Security- Signatures are controlled by keylock and passwords.


Check Protectors

Certex Model 55 Check Signer.

Sign Checks with Ease!
Dual Locking System.
Non-resettable Counter- Records Number of Impressions.
Single, Double or Triple Signatures.
Solid or Three Color Ribbon is Available.


Check Joggers
Paymaster Series 9000 Check Protector.

Inprints & Protects Various Sized Checks Quickly
Provides the Ultimate Alteration Deterrent.
Durable Frame Construction
Handles Multiple Copies.
Two-Key Security
Be Assured your Checks are Secure- 
"Macerate" the amount.


Currency Counters
Shear Tech MJ-500 Space Saving Check Jogger.

Perfect Solution for Banks who use:
Automatic Check Scanners, Reader/Sorters, MICR Encoders, or Endorsers.

Small, Quiet, Reliable, Efficient, and Affordable.
Perfect for the Space Limited Teller Stations.

Billcon N Series Currency Counter.

High Volume Counting with Simple Operation.
1500 notes per minute!
User Friendly
Quiet Operation
Alarm for Error Detections
Reliable: Handles New and Old Bills
3 Models to Choose From

Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminating Counter.

Allows Operators to be more efficient and cost effective.
No Presorting is necessary. Spend less time Counting.
Advanced High-Speed Denomination Recognition.
Accurately Distingushes all denominations of U.S. Currency
Blazing -1200 notes per minute -Speed!
Counterfeit Detection.
Identifies and Counts Mixed denomination Bills
Providing a Summary of each Denomination & Total Count.

Magner Model 35-3 Currency Counter.

Basic Currency Counting Performed with Greater Efficiency!
Automatic Start
Full Error Detection
Adjustable Speed- Up To 1500 Notes per Minute!
Compact Premium Currency Counter
Designed for Outstanding Performance
For Basic Currency Processing.


Coin Counters
Magner Model 35 Currency Counter.

Largest Selling Table Top Counter in the World.
Highly Dependable- Industry's Best Price Performer.
1300 Notes Per Minute
Automatic Start
Variable Batching and Accumulation Mode.
Full Error Detection.
The Model 35 is the Basic Workhorse of Currency Counters!
Billcon CHS-10 Coin Counter/Bagger.

Accurate, Rapid, and Efficient Coin Counting!
Processes High Volume of Coins -
At A Rate of 4000 per minute!
Hopper Capacity: Approx. 10,000 Coins (dime)
4 Preset Batches
Easy to Use
State of the art reliability

Billcon CCS-65 Coin Counter/Sorter.

Count & Sort 450 Coins per Minute-
into coin boxes or bags.
Memory keeps: subtotals and grand totals.
Easy Operation
Photo Sensors for Accurate Rapid Counting
Jam Sensors to Eliminate Troubles.
Keep it Simple- With the CCS-65 Counter/Sorter.

Magner 915 Portable Coin Counter/Packager.

Count. Package or Bag.
1800 Coins Per Minute!
Eight Programmable  Batch Presets.
Exact Bag Stop.
Large 7 Digit LED Display.
Electronic Counting Sensor.


Magner 935 Medium Duty Coin Counter/Packager.

Process Coin at 1800 Coins per Minute!
Extended Large Capacity Hopper.
Standard Batch Settings.
Automatic Reverse for Jam Release.
Large 7 Digit LED Display.

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