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Mail Room

Letter Openers, Tabbers, Pressure Sealers:
Letter Openers - Why Waste Time Opening Envelopes by Hand?

Martin Yale 1648 Letter Opener

Ideal for Businesses and Mailrooms
Automatically Feeds and Opens Envelopes
At a Speed of 12,000 Per Hour!


Martin Yale 62001 High Speed Letter Opener

Automatically Feeds, Opens, and Collects Evelopes.
At A Speed of 17,500 Per Hour!
Opens Envelopes up to 1/4" Thick.
Accepts a 6" Tall Stack of Envelopes.

Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener

Quick to Set-Up, and Easy To Use
Load Mail, Press Start and Thats It.
300 Envelopes Per Minute!
No-Pre Sorting Necessary
No Scraps or Sharp Edges.

Mail Tabbers

Martin Yale EX5100 Tabber

Seals Mail Pieces with Tabs
That Comply with U.S. Postal Requirements.
Precision Control of Tab Location.
Speed: 7,500 Pieces Per Hour!


Pressure Sealers:

Formax FD 260 Single-Head Tabber

Up to 15,000 Pieces Per Hour!
Optional High Volume Document Feeders and Conveyors.


  Decrease Processing Time & Eliminate    

Formax FD1500 Folder/Sealer Machine.

Low Volume Pressure Seal Solution
for Processing One-Piece Mailers.
Up To 85 Pieces Per Minute!

Fast, Reliable, and Secure way to Process Documents.

Formax FD2032 Folder/Sealer Machine.

Desktop Pressure Sealer
For Processing Pressure Sensitive Self-Mailers.
Up to 11,000 forms Per Hour.
Optional: Cabinet & Conveyor.
No More Envelopes to Order or Store!
Postal Service Friendly

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